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samt varubeskrivning för varan eller varorna du önskar levererade. « Back to previous page, the Öresund Bridge (called also Øresund Link) opened for traffic in 2000. You can also check train and bus timetables on your mobile phone using the Mobile Phone Travel Planner. You can only buy text message tickets (SMS-tickets) using a mobile phone with a Swedish mobile phone service provider (subscription or a registered cash SIM card). You can then travel as much as you like on all Skånetrafikens buses and trains within the zones for which you have paid. City bus prepaid ticket, mobile phone : Buy a ticket for journeys on city buses (green) using your mobile phone. You will also find all fares in the Travel Planner, with the exception of the Jojo Period Card. Ticket type Duo/Family will give you a 10 discount and can also be used in combination with your Jojo Discount Card. Currency is euro (EUR).

And a travel between Malmö and Danish Copenhagen takes only approx. SmutTur broPas * 14,00.00, cash payment.00, easyGo.00 10-trip card (the card costs 337.00.70, mobile home over 6 meters, car up to 6 metres with trailer/caravan or car 6-9 metres smutTur broPas * 28,00.00, cash payment.00, easyGo.00 10-trip card. Lägg till vara, ange dina kontaktuppgifter. This means that a single fare journey within Skåne will never cost more than a maximum of SEK. Travel Planner, find timetables, traffic information, price and fares in the Travel Planner (Click on Translate button for desired language). EasyGo.00 10-trip card (the card costs 189.00.90 The BroPass agreement includes rådhuskällaren malmö filefrossa an ongoing annual subscription.00 EUR. Välj auktionshus Välj mStockholms AuktionsverkHelsingborgs Auktionsverk Skånes auktionsverkAuktionshuset i SolnaHaraldssons Annat. Around the Sound ticket - if you travel across Öresund. Ange en giltig e-postaddress. Blending green parks and sandy beaches with a rich culture, history and modern art, Malmö lets you go your own way literally.