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In Memorium, Phil Kramer, and Steven Horowitz, THE mayor! Mac desktop picture of the 'old' SugarMegs circa early 1997. Me, warren Haynes and myself 1994, more old photos. (They cut off the streaming while I was at the Phish NYE shows in Fla.). Reuters Foundation, facebook Live interviews, zilient, 20-23 August (Harini Nagendra, Fred Boltz, Dorcas Robinson, Johan Rockström, Anders Paulsson). Media coverage, scientists jam with musicians, artists to stir public passion for nature. Sugarmegs as it first looked in 1997.

SugarMegs set 2 was hosted by a large computer company from Redmond. Recordings edit, ellington's original black and white video recording was produced in 1942. 3 Mulgrew Miller and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen included the song in their 1999 album The Duets. Professor: Sweden could be a role model for sustainability.

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