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the scene where a truck crashed into the Ahlens department store at Drottninggatan in central Stockholm, April 7, 2017. It is understood they discovered on Saturday that their daughter had been killed and today released a statement confirming the tragedy, according. British man Chris Bevington, who had been living in Stockholm for 10 years and working as the director of global strategic partnerships for Spotify, was also killed in the attack. Pictured, one of the suspected attackers is led away by police. Getty Images 6, police cordon off the truck after it crashed into the Ahlens department store at Drottninggatan in central Stockholm on Friday.

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Helicopters hovered overhead across the city, sirens wailed, and police vans criss-crossed the streets using loudspeakers to urge people to head straight home and avoid crowded places. Shocking moment terror suspect is wrestled to floor by Swedish police as two men are arrested. At least five people have died after an articulated lorry drove into Åhlens Mall. One of them diedI dont know if the other one made it, Sidi said. Rex Features 6, four people are believed to have been killed in the attack with reports of many more wounded. Armed police rushed to the scene of the attack in the city centre. Swedish police after a man crashed an articulated truck a department store. His train stopped immediately and he had to get out, along with all the other passengers. It was so terrible and there were bodies lying everywhere it was really terrifying, he added. An articulated lorry smashed into the department store at around 1pm.

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