bombning av tora bora

reportedly raiding and destroying local Taliban outposts. It doesn't matter to patriots that if any cop says they're a suspected terrorist for yelling at a meter maid, they can be arrested and jailed without hearing the charges against helsingborg båt till danmark them, without an attorney, without a phone call and without bail. Afghanistan from December 6, 2001 to December 17, 2001, during the opening stages of the. Lynch, Stephen, " The Most Dangerous Game: What went wrong in the hunt for bin Laden Archived December 10, 2008, at the Wayback Machine. Bora and its surroundings in, afghanistan. 2001 The Tora Bora Fortress Myth? No coalition deaths were reported. He believed that bin Laden could have been captured at the time if the United States Central Command had committed the troops which Berntsen had requested. 30 Both the British and American press published elaborate plans of the base. The Northern Alliance fighters continued a steady advance through the difficult terrain, backed by air strikes and.S. Tank driving past - part of heavy machinery being withdrawn from the mountains.

They can disappear off the face of the earth, grabbed up by the new Gestapo, the USA patriot Act Secret Police, while families wonder who is now supposed to raise and lower the nine-foot America flag every night in front of the family home. 29 Bergen says that the US failure to capture bin Laden at the time provided energy to the Taliban. Thanks to his brilliant defense of freedom, the supranational corporations no longer have to pay any income taxes! And British Special Forces. Allied forces estimated that around 200 of the al-Qaeda fighters were killed during the battle, along with an unknown number of anti-Taliban tribal fighters. Bergen characterized this as "one of the greatest military blunders in recent US history".