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to view lego in a wider perspective so employees would be able to grasp that the fight for survival was not only about finances and income, but about something bigger, more important, something about helping the world's children. It started when Ovesen approached his former colleagues at Danske Bank and was refused further help. Keeping the parks would require not only a further infusion of capital, but also a considerable amount of time and energy by senior management, which lego would sorely need in its life-or-death struggle to right the company. Knudstorp's experience in Washington led him to establish a dialogue with 32 the company's fans, and it turned out that he still had much to learn about lego. During meetings the members witnessed his resigned attitude when the difficult cuts came up, while they knew nothing about the commitment he showed in his conversations with Knudstorp and others. Had middle management actually understood the seriousness of the situation?

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Management a year ago embarked on an Action Plan to protect 28 private ownership, but this is almost certainly not enough to generate value. Another model was one in which Øvlisen wished to expand leadership with someone widely experienced in commercial business. Jørgen Vig Knudstorp showed them the work that had been done on Shared Vision, and even though all of them were unsure whether lego could grow when cut down to its core, they supported the plan. Within the company he spoke in particular with Henrik Poulsen and Søren Torp Laursen about the park sale, with Mads Nipper about product development, and with Lars Altemark about Supply Chain. Already a few months later, the Top 60 met in Zurich, Switzerland, from January 9-12. Now the spirit of the employees had to be dampened. At the meeting on August 20, Øvlisen, Kirk Kristiansen, Knudstorp, and Ovesen discussed various models for a new structure in senior management. At first, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen spent considerable time with Knudstorp. 5 Jørgen Vig Knudstorp's discussions with Lars Kolind concerning why lego exists were every bit as demanding.

niels lunde exchange mail

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