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: Non-Perturbative Methods for Solving Time Dependent Problems of Atoms and Molecules,. Workshop on Plasma Diagnostics and Industrial Applications of Plasmas, 12, Trieste, Italy. Box 451, Princeton, NJ USA; phone 1 (609) 243-3552; fax 1 (609) 243-2418. Contact Katherine Horton, Central Laser Facility, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Didcot, Oxon, OX11 0QX England; phone ; fax. Nineteenth Conference on Fundamental Atomic Spectroscopy (FAS XIX), 22, Archangelsk-Solovky, Russia. International Symposium on Non-Thermal Plasmas for Environmental Applications, September, Hangzhou, China. International Conference on Extreme Light (icel 2015), 23-27 November 2015, Bucharest, Romania. Nineteenth Space Simulation Conference, 28, Baltimore, Maryland. Contact organizers, Centre for Plasma Physics, Queens University Belfast, University Road, Belfast, BT7 1NN, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

Contact Artur Malaquias,  International Atomic Energy Agency, Office A2309, Wagramer Str. Eighth Workshop on Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets, 29 June, Tarragona, Spain. Sokendai Asian Winter School Spontaneous Structure Formation in Plasmas, 3 6 February 2009, Toki, Japan. Fiftieth APS Division of Plasma Physics Meeting, 17 21 November 2008, Dallas, Texas USA. Third Central European Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, Kyiv, 23, Ukraine. Contact Hossein Abbasi ; phone 98 (21) ; fax 98 (21). Fifty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics, 31 October 4 November 2016, San Jose, California USA.

Summer School in High Energy Density Physic s, 7, Berkeley, California, USA. Fourteenth International Symposium on Laser-Aided Plasma Diagnostics (lapd-14), 21 24 September 2009, Castelbrando, Italy. International Conference on Advanced Diagnostics for Magnetic and Inertial Fusion, 3 7 September 2001, Varenna, Italy. Particle Accelerator School, 19-, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Conference on Computational Physics 2010 (CCP2010), 23, Trondheim, Norway. Theory of Fusion Plasma (Joint Varenna-Lausanne International Workshop 31 August 4 September 1998, Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy. Technological Plasmas Workshop 2004 (TPW2004), 20 21 December 2004, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Nosich, IRE of National Academy of Sciences, ul Proskury 12, Kharkov 310085, Ukraine; phone: (380) ; fax: (380). Contact Jean Andre Sauvaud, cesr (UPS/cnrs 9 avenue du Colonel Roche, Toulouse cedex 4, France, 31028; phone ; fax. Kruglyakov, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics; phone: (3832) 359772; fax: (3832) 352163; Chapman Conference on Magnetic Helicity in Space and Laboratory Plasmas, 28, Boulder, Colorado, USA. Thirteenth Gaseous Electronics Meeting (GEM xiii), 1, Murramarang Resort, New South Wales, Australia. In conjunction with APS Centennial Meeting, 22, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

digital inn 752 37 uppsala

Senarai Institut Pengajian Tinggi dalam dan luar negara yang mendapat pengiktirafan JPA sebagai panduan pemohon Bantuan IPT Lembaga Zakat Negeri Kedah.
Directory of Plasma Conferences.
This listing of plasma science and engineering conferences is provided as a service by the Plasma Science and Applications.

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