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Faculty has one department: the Department of Law. "Uppsala University international office (Swedish. The building (the former residence of the President of the Royal Chancellery Bengt Gabrielsson Oxenstierna ) today houses the Faculty of Law. This was changed in 1925, and the first woman to hold a professorial chair at Uppsala University was Gerd Enequist, appointed professor of human geography obe Västeras damsugare in 1949.

The Meeting of Uppsala in 1593 established Lutheran orthodoxy in Sweden, and Charles and the Council of state gave new privileges to the university on 1 August of the same year. The Forum aims facilitate and promote research and education related to the South Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, the Maldives and Afghanistan, on the national and international level, with Ferdinando Sardella, Faculty of Theology, serving as the Forum's director. In honour of Ericson, the FöreningsSparbanken endowed the Eric Ericson Chair in Choral Directing, and the Uppsala University Choral Centre was inaugurated in 2000. The team with the most sparkling idea will win a trip to London to meet fellow Innovation Day winners from universities samsung mobil gottgörelse stockholm across Europe. University studies had until this time been very informal in their overall organization, with the all-purpose philosophiæ magister -degree being the only one frequently conferred and many never graduating, as there were no degree applicable to their intended area of work (and well-connected aristocratic students. Cookie Use and, data Transfer outside the. 18th century: Enlightenment and mercantilism edit The early part of the 18th century was still characterized by the combination of Lutheran orthodoxy and classical philology of the previous century, but eventually a larger emphasis on sciences and practically useful knowledge developed. Frågor av myndighetskaraktär hänvisas till.

The archbishopric of Uppsala had been one of the most important sees in Sweden proper since Christianity first spread to this region in the ninth century. The less than happy experiences of the Uppsala student life of novelist and playwright August Strindberg (18491912 resulted in his Från Fjärdingen och Svartbäcken (1877 a collection of short stories set in Uppsala From Fjärdingen and Svartbäcken the title refers to two districts in Uppsala). The university has nine faculties distributed over three "disciplinary domains". During the 20th century several Nobel laureates in the sciences have been Uppsala alumni or professors at the university. An attempt was made in the 1870s to introduce academic rowing after the Oxbridge model. Many well-known Swedish writers have studied in Uppsala: Georg Stiernhielm (15981672) is often called the father of Swedish poetry.

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