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Vermiss mich nicht, wenn ich weg bin 'Cause you're the fucking reason that I'm not around denn du bist der verdammte Grund. Can you feel my adidas mjukis shorts dam sin? Kannst du meine Knochen brechen? Will you take my life? Kannst du meine Knochen brechen, will you tear my skin? Wirst du mir das Blut aussaugen?

You have no right to be the judge, to critisize and condemn. Never fall in love If you dont fall in love Youll regret it all ( Broken hearts and torn up letters) Living behind your wall (Girl you just cant dance forever). Wavin' Flag (International Version) - K'naan Play. Kannst du meine Haut zerreißen? Will you end my pain? Off There's all kinds of horses will leave you grabbin' the breeze Busted up and broken up with scars you can't see But if you ain't been bucked off and been. Broken bottles - The Broken Toys Play. Land we take radisson blu lindholmen frukost the good, the bad yeah I'm a broken man from a broken land this here's my broken band from your hand yeah I'm a broken man this here's my broken band from a broken land we call detroit city there's no blood. Wirst du mir mein Leben nehmen? I got dirt in my eyes and blood on my sleeves. Won't come to me She won't come to anyone Who's frightened to be free She's broken well, her gait is sound She'll pack a man all day She's cowy and her. The Lyrics for Broken by und have been translated into 23 languages.

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