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himself. I went tripping down to Florida to relax, and I get a call from (MCA president) Sid Sheinberg saying he hated the movie. Production edit, original Book edit, the original novel, stick was published in 1983, although the character of Stick had appeared in Leonard's. 3, shooting edit, filming took place in Florida in October 1983. Its so nice to have an actor or an ex-actor directing you, because they get it, you know?" 7, famed stuntman Dar Robinson played the albino hit-man, Moke. After rescuing his daughter, Stick calls Kyle on a mobile phone and arranges for the two lovers to meet in the median of a highway, where they embrace. 1 2, sticks is an off-beat noir action comedy about a smuggler of Cuban cigars who gets involved, and ultimately falls in love, with a Cuban revolutionary Maria who's in the.S. He also finds a new flame in Kyle (Candice Bergen a financial consultant who acts as a business adviser for Barry, who must decide if a relationship with Stick is worth. "I decided to keep my mouth shut and swallow hard. George Segal said he liked working on the film.

Reynolds says his agent advised him to go along with the changes: I gave up on the film. Whatever it was, I had a great time down in Florida. "If you had ever asked me if Id ever be in a Burt Reynolds movie, I wouldve said, Theres no way. 14 References stockholms läns museum rapporter edit "Stick". Actor Reynolds' portrayal of Stick, a gritty ex-con out to avenge a friend's murder, is not much different from his good-old-boy persona in the "Cannonball Run" films." 9 Elmore Leonard Reaction edit Leonard later said Reynolds "just didn't do it right at all." 10 "I. Florida Everglades before they go to his home. Below 5001,000 -2,0002,000 - 3,0003,000 - 4,0004,000 - 5,0005,000 - 10,00010,000. The New York Times. Citation needed Reshoots edit Reynolds recalled "I turned in my cut of the picture and truly thought I had made a good film. Chucky refuses, and after being pressured by his voodoo obsessed cartel boss, Nestor (Castulo Guerra to eliminate Stick, Chucky sends Moke and some other hitmen after the ex-con.